Monday, 26 November 2012

Weighing In

Weighing In 

I took this photograph of my daughter Olivia being weighed a few days after she was born. Apparently her feet are in 2nd position! She has danced all her life and we have just celebrated her 18th birthday. Thank you to all her friends for making it so special, I will never be able to look at a Blue Lagoon again!

I didn't know the above was going to happen, it just did, and I was ready with a manual Nikon, TriX film, a 28mm or 50mm attached. It was a dark flat we lived in, but there was just enough window light. Have never liked flash, always preferring to use what is there. My great love was to photograph what just happened in front of me. But you always need to be alert for anything. So glad I was ready as this is fun to look at, and for my daughter to see 18 years later.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Bowie and Jagger in make-up

This was the first picture I took the moment I arrived on set. Three cameras around my neck, one loaded with colour daylight film, and a flash, another with tungsten film and the third with black and white. Used to get myself in quite a tangle

Bowie and Jagger

This was the most published picture I ever took. I woke up one morning to find it on the front page of most of the nationals. I miss that feeling.

The 7 inch and 12 inch vinyl cover

I found this a couple of years ago in an old vinyl shop in Frome. I was so excited that I told the man behind the counter it was my photo. He just said, "That will be £3.50 please."

The shoot took place in the old docklands in London all night. Top secret it was. I seem to have a memory of playing cricket with Jagger in the early hours of the morning, drinking about 20 cups of coffee to keep going. They kept dancing all night. The vinyl cover used to be framed and hanging in Abbey Road studios. I doubt it still is.